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About Us

German Car Cover is all about quality and durability.

As with most car enthusiasts, my love for cars started quite early.

During the first few years I always “only” had one car. Initially an older Mercedes from my grandfather, but after only 6 months, it was a Volkswagen Golf GTI. The years passed and the cars changed frequently.

A Porsche Targa 3.0 SC was at the door very early. At the same time, my dad had a single-owner 1978 Mercedes 280SL R107 in red. From this point on, we only parked and covered our "favorites" in the garage. The cars were not moved every day, and they just stood in the garage throughout the winter.

The cars kept changing, but the garage storage and the desire for a clean and well-maintained car remained. I am someone who truly enjoys and has a lot of fun with his cars; so it I always have a special second or third car.

While selling my house, I happened to get to know the initiator and manufacturer of the car covers here in Germany, which meanwhile has become a long-standing friendship.

Since then, my second / third cars that are not used every day, are only stored in the garage with German Car Covers and tire slippers.

Since I am very convinced of our products, I would like to show even more car enthusiasts the possibilities of how they can optimally store and protect their vehicles. For me, tire slippers and car covers are just as important as a dry garage when storing your vehicle!

It is particularly important to me to make the products manufactured in Germany and Italy and so far only sold in Europe available to an international customer base, especially customers in the USA.

With our products you can drive your cleaned car out of the garage or hall in the spring, and your tires are as nice and round as they were when you parked it. An optimal driving experience right from the start!

I and the German Car Cover GmbH team are here for you, and happy to assist!