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Our Car Covers

Since there are a multitude of car models, i.e. large or small, vintage cars, limousines, sports cars with short or long hoods, the question is not so easy to answer. The differences between Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, or Porsche are quite big. Therefore there are several thousand different car cover models.

Just write us an e-mail, or give us a call! We would be happy to help you find the right car cover for your specific model.

We have almost everything from tractors to cars / pickups to motorcycles.

You can use the German Car Cover on convertibles without any problem. Our car covers are lint-free.

Yes, you can wash the German Car Cover separately / individually between 86º - 104ºF and only gently spin. To dry, it is ideal to hang the car cover over several clotheslines, so that it does not sag in individual places and possibly stretch.

No! The Car Cover polyester fabric cannot be tumble-dried!

Your German Car Cover will be delivered in a high-quality bag. In this compact bag, you can stow your car cover when it is not being used.

The German Car Covers are developed for indoor use only, and this is where you should use the cover. It is ideally suited for dry garages or halls. We advise against outdoor use.

Very good idea! We even recommend it. By opening the car window, the interior has the opportunity to "breathe", i.e. to ventilate, and you have the chance of a fresher interior.

The German Car Cover is available in black, gray, green, blue and red depending on the version (piping or mirror pocket). You will find the options for your car in our car cover configurator

For many car models (but not all) you have the option of ordering a car cover with mirror bags. Here the mirror pocket on the right and left, are sewn separately onto the car cover. This is of course a matter of taste. Here, too, you can use our car cover configurator to get an overview based on many examples.

The piping is incorporated into the roof line of the vehicle or the car cover. These fine lines emphasize the contour of the car. Here, too, you can use our car cover configurator to get an overview based on the examples.

Our Tireslippers

If you don't use your car every few days, park your vehicle on the Tire Slippers. Especially when parking is longer than 14 days.

Best to slowly back onto the slipper’s; sine the torque in reverse is lower. Place the tire slippers in back of the tires, drive on - done!

If you leave your car parked for the
winter, it makes perfect sense to increase the tire pressure.

Please note the information provided by the tire manufacturer, P.S.I.
information is normally found on the side / flank of the tire. Don't forget to
re-adjust the tire pressure again in summer!

Tire protection is good for the environment in two ways.

1. They’re made from recycled tires and thus conserves resources.

2. By using the Tire Slipper, you can protect your tires from stand flattening, and therefore you can use and enjoy the expensive tires longer.

There are two sizes up to 18 inches

1. 7.87 inches wide
2. 15.75 inches wide for easier parking

For 17 to 22 inches, the width of the tire slipper is always 15.75 inches.

Our Reveal Covers

We basically offer 3 sizes. If you need larger ones, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail; we are happy to help!

You can wash the presentation cloth. Preferably separately / individually at 86-104F, you should only spin it lightly (lowest level). To dry it is best to hang it over several clotheslines, so that it does not sag in individual places.

Ideally, you should use our high-quality cloths in dry indoor areas.

The car presentation cloth is available in the colors: black, gray / silver and white.


Just ask us anything. We're there to help!

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